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In the bustling city of Kolkata, where healthcare services are a critical need, Akash Nurse and Aya Centre stands out as the epitome of excellence in providing the Best Nursing Services in Kolkata.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering quality care has made us the preferred choice among individuals and families seeking reliable healthcare professionals.

We are not just an aya centre in Kolkata, but a trusted partner in your healthcare journey.

Akash Nurse and Aya Centre: A Beacon of Compassion

At Akash Nurse and Aya Centre, we understand the importance of compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals.

That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to being the Best Aya Centre in Kolkata and a trusted source for top-notch nursing services.

Our team of nurses and ayahs are not just professionals; they are caregivers who treat each patient with the utmost empathy and concern.

When you choose us, you’re choosing not just a service, but a family that cares.

Nursing Services Kolkata: Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to providing the Best Nursing Services in Kolkata has been the cornerstone of our success. Our nursing staff is not only highly skilled but also deeply compassionate.

We understand that illness and injury can be emotionally challenging, and we strive to provide not just medical care but emotional support as well.

From administering medications to monitoring vital signs, our nurses are well-equipped to handle a wide range of medical needs.

Whether it’s post-operative care, elderly care, or pediatric nursing, we have professionals who excel in every domain.

Aya Centre in Kolkata: Supporting Families

An aya, often an unsung hero in healthcare, plays a pivotal role in patient care. At our Kolkata Aya Centre, we take pride in offering reliable, responsible, and caring ayahs who assist with various non-medical tasks, such as bathing, feeding, and ensuring patient comfort.

Families can rely on us for taking care of their loved ones, knowing that our ayahs are committed to their well-being.

We understand the importance of trust when it comes to aya services, and we have built a reputation for being the Best Aya Centre in Kolkata by maintaining that trust.

Why Choose Akash Nurse and Aya Centre?

  1. Compassion: Our staff embodies empathy, treating each patient like family and providing emotional support in addition to medical care.
  2. Skilled Professionals: We have a team of highly qualified nurses and ayahs who are well-trained and experienced in their respective fields.
  3. Customized Care: We understand that every patient’s needs are unique. We tailor our services to suit individual requirements, ensuring the highest level of care.
  4. Reliability: Families can depend on us for round-the-clock care and support. We are just a call away, ready to assist whenever you need us.
  5. Affordability: Quality healthcare should be accessible to all. We offer our services at competitive rates without compromising on quality.

Nursing Services Kolkata: More Than Just Healthcare

At Akash Nurse and Aya Centre, we firmly believe that healthcare is not just about treating illnesses; it’s about promoting well-being and improving the quality of life.

We are proud to be the Best Nursing Services in Kolkata because our commitment goes beyond the conventional bounds of nursing.

It’s about care, concern, and going the extra mile to ensure our patients’ comfort.

We are here to make your healthcare journey as smooth as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing the Best Nursing Services in Kolkata, and we continually strive to exceed expectations.

Contact Details:

Centre Name: Akash nurse and aya centre

Address: Nowapara, Rajpur Sonarpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700150, Kolkata, West Bengal 700150.

Contact No.: +91 9875617635

WhatsApp No.: 9875617635

Website URL: No


at Akash Nurse and Aya Centre, we are honored to provide the Best Nursing Services in Kolkata and to be recognized as the Best Aya Centre in Kolkata.

Our mission is simple – to deliver compassionate care with professionalism and to be a beacon of hope for those in need.

We are here to make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens, and we do so with unwavering dedication. Your health and well-being are our priority, and we are here to ensure that you receive the care you deserve.


1. What services does Akash Nurse and Aya Centre provide?

Answer: Akash Nurse and Aya Centre offers a range of nursing and aya services, including medical and non-medical care for patients of all ages.

2. Where is Akash Nurse and Aya Centre located?

Answer: Akash Nurse and Aya Centre is situated in the heart of the city, easily accessible to those in need of care in our community.

3. Are their aya staff trained and reliable?

Answer: Yes, the aya staff at Akash Nurse and Aya Centre are trained and known for their reliability in providing non-medical care and support.

4. Do they provide round-the-clock nursing care?

Answer: Yes, Akash Nurse and Aya Centre offer round-the-clock nursing care to ensure patients receive care whenever necessary.

5. Is Akash Nurse and Aya Centre open 24/7 for care and support?

Answer: Yes, we provide round-the-clock care, ensuring that patients can receive the attention they need whenever it’s required.

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