Oyo near me under 500 | Best Couple Friendly Hotels in Kolkata [Last Update 2024]

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Looking for Oyo near me under 500? Finding couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata can be hassle-free, especially for unmarried couples seeking a comfortable stay.

Kolkata, being a vibrant city, offers several options that cater to such preferences.

When it comes to finding hotels in Kolkata for unmarried couples within the 500 price range, Oyo stands out as a reliable choice.

With its chain of hotels scattered across the city, Oyo ensures both affordability and quality.

When searching for Oyo near me under 500 in Kolkata, it’s essential to consider specific aspects such as couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata and hotels in Kolkata for unmarried couples.

Oyo list in Kolkata under 500

These keywords can narrow down your search and ensure a comfortable stay tailored to your requirements.

  • Oyo near me under 500: Begin your exploration by using the Oyo app or website and set your location to Kolkata. Apply the filter for prices under 500 to discover budget-friendly options conveniently located near your current area or preferred location in the city.
  • Couple-Friendly Hotels in Kolkata: Ensure that the Oyo properties you’re considering explicitly advertise themselves as couple-friendly. Check their policies regarding unmarried couples to avoid any inconvenience during your stay. Look for hotels with welcoming environments for couples, offering a hassle-free experience.
  • Factors to Consider for Couple-Friendly Stays: When searching for couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata, consider aspects like privacy policies, flexible check-in/check-out timings, valid identification requirements, and seamless bookings. Many hotels respect the privacy of unmarried couples and do not inquire unnecessarily.
  • Hotels in Kolkata for Unmarried Couples: Prioritize hotels that openly welcome unmarried couples without any judgment or restrictions. Confirm this aspect through the hotel’s policies or by directly contacting their customer service to avoid any misunderstandings upon arrival.
  • Evaluate Amenities: Once you’ve shortlisted a few options, delve into the amenities offered by each hotel. Look for essential facilities like comfortable rooms, clean bathrooms, complimentary Wi-Fi, 24/7 customer service, and security measures to ensure a pleasant stay.
  • Booking Tips for Unmarried Couples: When booking couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata, ensure to check for terms explicitly stating acceptance of unmarried couples. Reading reviews, contacting the hotel directly, or using trusted booking platforms can provide insight into the hotel’s policies and ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Read Reviews: Take advantage of reviews left by previous guests. They provide insights into the actual experiences and can help in making an informed decision. Focus on reviews mentioning the aspects that matter most to you, such as cleanliness, staff behavior, location convenience, and overall ambiance.
  • Location: Consider the proximity of the Oyo properties to your intended destinations in Kolkata. Choose a hotel that offers easy access to public transportation or is centrally located, allowing you to explore the city without hassle.
  • Book in Advance: Once you’ve found the ideal Oyo near me under 500 that aligns with your preferences, secure your booking in advance to avoid any last-minute inconveniences. This step ensures availability and guarantees a smooth check-in process.
  • Safety and Privacy Assurance: Most hotels in Kolkata for unmarried couples prioritize guests’ safety and privacy. They employ strict security measures and offer discreet services to ensure a comfortable stay without any unwarranted interference.

Are you and your partner planning a trip to Kolkata and searching for couple-friendly hotels that warmly welcome unmarried couples?

Oyo near me under 500

Look no further! Kolkata, the City of Joy, offers a plethora of couple-friendly hotels in Kolkata catering specifically to unmarried couples’ needs. Additionally, if you’re seeking an affordable option, finding an Oyo near me under 500 can be an ideal choice.

Oyo near me under 500 | Oyo list in Kolkata under 500

  • SPOT ON Petals Residency – Click Website,
  • OYO Abi’s Inn Near Amri Hospital Dhakuria,
  • Flagship Fantasy Stay Vibe,
  • OYO Flagship Ivy Hotel,
  • OYO Ecostay,
  • OYO Flagship Dream Hotels,
  • Super OYO Bishnupur,
  • Singh Guest House,
  • OYO Maa Tara Guest House,
  • OYO Flagship Corporate Guest House,
  • OYO City Palace,
  • OYO Starlight Guest House


Oyo near me under 500 in Kolkata is a feasible and convenient option for couples seeking comfortable and couple-friendly accommodations in the city.

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1. How can I visit OYO as a couple?

Answer: Book a couple-friendly OYO online, follow their guidelines, carry valid IDs, and enjoy a comfortable stay together hassle-free!

2. How can I visit OYO as a couple?

Answer: Book a couple-friendly OYO online, follow their policies, carry valid IDs for both, and respect hotel rules for a comfortable stay.

3. Why is OYO good for couples?

Answer: OYO ensures privacy, welcoming unmarried couples with ease, offering comfort, security, and diverse stays, catering to couples’ needs.

4. Why is OYO good for couples?

Answer: OYO ensures couples’ comfort with privacy, diverse stays, and couple-friendly policies, making it ideal for a cozy and enjoyable stay together.

5. Can I take my girlfriend to the hotel in Kolkata?

Answer: Yes, unmarried couples can stay in hotels in Kolkata. Check for couple-friendly hotels and their policies for a comfortable stay.

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