How much cost a room price for 1 hour unmarried couples? [Update 2024]

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For unmarried couples seeking a brief stay, OYO offers flexible booking options, including rooms available for 1 hour unmarried couples in various locations across couple friendly hotels in Kolkata. The OYO rooms in Kolkata cater to the specific needs of unmarried couples, providing a comfortable and secure environment.

The room price for 1 hour in OYO properties for unmarried couples varies based on the location, amenities provided, and the specific OYO partner hotel. Generally, these rates are designed to offer convenience for short stays, allowing couples to enjoy a private space without committing to a full-day booking.

To find the precise OYO room price for 1 hour for unmarried couples in Kolkata, visit the OYO app or website. Utilize the search filters by entering the desired location in Kolkata and selecting the option for rooms available for shorter durations. This will display a range of options tailored for couples seeking a brief stay, with transparent pricing information.

OYO Rooms takes measures to ensure the safety and privacy of unmarried young couples staying at their properties. With standardized amenities and stringent quality checks, couples can expect a comfortable and hassle-free experience during their short-term stay.

OYO Room Price for 1 Hour:

OYO Room Price for 1 Hour:

A Convenient Option for Unmarried Couples in Kolkata?

Seeking accommodations for a short duration without compromising on quality and privacy? Exploring the OYO Room Price for 1 Hour could be a viable solution for unmarried young couples visiting Kolkata. OYO, renowned for its flexible booking options, offers a convenient stay experience catering to varying needs.

Are there OYO rooms in Kolkata that allow bookings for just an hour? Yes, OYO provides rooms with hourly rates, facilitating brief stays, including those for unmarried couples. This option caters to couples seeking a comfortable, transient space without the necessity of a full-day booking.

For unmarried young couples specifically, hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata can be limited, but OYO’s policy of nondiscrimination provides a welcoming environment. They prioritize guest privacy and ensure a hassle-free check-in process, respecting the privacy and safety of all guests.

The OYO Room Price for 1 Hour varies based on location, room type, and time slot. It offers a cost-effective alternative for short stays, granting access to quality rooms with essential amenities.

Considering the convenience and flexibility it offers, exploring the OYO Room Price for 1 Hour could be a practical choice for unmarried couples seeking comfortable and affordable accommodation in Kolkata.

Hotels for Unmarried Couples

Hotels for Unmarried Couples:

Where to Find Options like OYO in Kolkata?

Are you seeking hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata that offer flexible booking options like OYO room price for 1 hour? Fortunately, the hospitality landscape has evolved, presenting choices tailored for unmarried young couples‘ comfort and convenience. OYO in Kolkata specifically caters to this demographic, providing a range of couple-friendly accommodations.

The concept of hotels for unmarried young couples has gained traction, primarily addressing the need for privacy and acceptance. In Kolkata, OYO stands out as a reliable option, offering diverse rooms while respecting guests’ privacy and relationship choices.

These OYO rooms in Kolkata for unmarried couples ensure a hassle-free booking process, enabling guests to select rooms for shorter durations like the OYO room price for 1 hour or longer stays based on their preferences.

By prioritizing discretion and comfort, OYO in Kolkata ensures a seamless stay for unmarried couples. With a myriad of options available, guests can choose from various amenities and locations across the city, making their stay both enjoyable and comfortable.

Legal Rules for Couple Friendly Hotels

Legal Rules for Couple Friendly Hotels

What are the legal considerations surrounding accommodations for unmarried couples, particularly in places like Kolkata where OYO has a significant presence?

  1. OYO rooms in Kolkata have specific legal obligations to ensure a hassle-free experience for unmarried couples. In India, there are no laws that prohibit unmarried young couples from staying together in hotels.
  2. The primary legal requirement for hotels for unmarried couples is to respect the privacy and rights of their guests. OYO ensures confidentiality and safety, complying with the law by not discriminating against unmarried young couples seeking accommodation.
  3. The OYO room price for 1 hour is usually not offered as most hotels have a standard check-in and check-out policy. This practice aligns with legal guidelines to prevent the misuse of rooms.
  4. In Kolkata, as in many other cities, the law prioritizes individuals’ freedom to choose their accommodation. OYO in Kolkata adheres to these regulations by offering a range of couple-friendly hotels where unmarried couples can stay without facing discrimination or legal issues.
  5. However, while the law permits unmarried young couples to stay together, hotels reserve the right to deny accommodation if they feel it could disrupt their establishment’s decorum or policies.

Unmarried couples seeking hotels for unmarried couples in Kolkata, exploring OYO rooms in Kolkata presents a promising solution, offering flexibility, privacy, and a range of choices to cater to their needs.


The room price for 1 hour for unmarried couples at OYO rooms in Kolkata varies and can be easily found by using the OYO app or website, catering to the specific needs of couples seeking a short and secure stay.


1. How to hourly basis rooms for unmarried couples in Kolkata?

Answer: Search for “couple-friendly hourly rooms in Kolkata” on hotel booking platforms like OYO to find options tailored for unmarried couples on an hourly basis.

2. Is it safe for unmarried couples to stay in the hotel in Kolkata?

Answer: Yes, it’s generally safe for unmarried couples to stay in hotels in Kolkata. Many hotels, including OYO properties, are couple-friendly, prioritize privacy, and comply with the law. Checking hotel policies and reviews beforehand ensures a safe and comfortable stay.

3. What is the take rate of OYO?

Answer: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, OYO’s take rate, the commission it charges hotels, was around 20-25% on average. For the most recent and accurate data, please refer to updated financial reports or OYO’s official statements.

4. Can OYO be booked for 6 hours?

Answer: Yes, OYO allows bookings for short durations like 6 hours, offering flexibility for shorter stays based on availability and hotel policies.

5. Can I check-in OYO before 12?

Answer: Early check-in at OYO before 12 PM is possible, subject to room availability and the hotel’s policy. Contact the specific hotel for arrangements.

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